Dear Chicabella,

First of all… Thank you for being here. You’re amazing!🤗 

Below are two lists that you can subscribe to if you want to be notified when I launch the Video Makeup Tutorial Recommender System.

The PREMIUM list is for Chicabellas who can afford a PAYING MEMBERSHIP ( 50 EUR/ year) and the FREE list is for Chicabellas who, due to their financial status, are not able to.

Now… Put your email down and I will let you know when the website is live.

Also, bare in mind that the free list is my act of kindness and not something people who are not struggling should take advantage of.😉  

After all, I give 70% discount to the PREMIUM members, so I will appreciate your honesty.

Stay awesome, Jure.

P.S. By subscribing to a list you are not obliged to buy anything. They are just for me to know what discount code to send you.

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